Meal Trails

A meal trail is a series of meals that are connected by a common ingredient, usually a protein or a sauce (but not always). A meal trail is usually started by bulk cooking the initial meal and using the leftovers to create a series of meals subsequent meals that can be served in a row or on various days over the next week or two. 


Unlike leftovers, a meal in a trail is not just a reheated version of last night’s dinner. It’s a brand new recipe made easier with some pre-cooked ingredients. 

Many recipes on this blog are part of a meal trail and are noted as such.  If it’s a recipe that can be the ‘bulk cooked’ meal to start a trail, it will say that as well.

How to find a trail…

In the category menu at the right of this page you will find ‘Meal Trail’ as a main category. Under that you will see sub-categories that indicate connected meal trails. 

Here’s an example: 

  • Meal Trail
    • Roast Seasoning Blend
      • Slow Cooked Pot Roast
      • French Dip Sandwiches
      • etc… 

Give it a try…

It saves money (grocery bill / eating out) and it saves time.

You’ll love how it simplifies life so you can spend more time…

  • Around the table with family
  • In the living room for a movie night
  • Playing a game after dinner
  • Planning your next adventure…

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