We are born into them, we find them, and sometimes we even choose them. 

None are alike and all are precious. 

It’s not defined by the type or number of people. 

It’s constantly changing and growing, which is why we often say…

Where did the time go? Our family’s all grown up. When did that happen? 

Life is busy, chaotic and even demanding at times, and family is always there – which is why we can fall into a habit of just letting family happen. When we do, family can begin to be the thing that takes the back seat, is pushed to the back burner or even neglected. 

This is why doing family, ON purpose, is so important. When we focus on making the days, weeks, and months count…the years are filled with conversations, traditions, and experiences that cultivate memories that grow into family legacies. 

How do we do family ON purpose?

  • Around the table for meal times
  • Scheduling family times like we do appointments 
  • Trips 
  • Adventures
  • Focused conversations
  • Stopping to listen or appreciate a moment

Let’s do it together!

Let’s share how we do all of the above and more – ON purpose! Our families may all be different but there is one thing the same – we love our families. Let’s encourage each other to do family on purpose before the years slip by and we wonder where the time went.