My Favorite Roast Seasoning Blend

This blend was created when I wanted a less costly answer to making a large roast in my slow cooker.  I grew up using a store bought seasoning package, but when I made a roast large enough to satisfy my growing family, it required several packets, making it too costly for my small budget.  A bonus was that the blend I created was much more flavorful than what came from that store bought package.  I also found that by making it in bulk I could afford to use it in a variety of ways. 

It’s no longer just for roast!  We turn to this blend when cooking chicken, pork, soups and stews, or to season some vegetables, like green beans.  It also makes a great dip by just mixing it up with some sour cream. 

Here’s a Tip

This recipe is one that is best made in bulk.  It allows you to have seasoning on hand for any of the recipe variations found on the blog.  It’s easy enough to scoop out a tablespoon at a time and keeps your pantry filled with quick mealtime solutions!  *A key ingredient in this recipe is a dry soup base. Soup bases range in flavor, sodium levels, MSG content, and amount of natural ingredients. Choose the soup base that meets the tastes and needs of your family.  If you’re not sure, start by making the single use version a few times, trying different soup bases you find at your local markets.  When you find the one you like best, it’s time to make the bulk version!

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Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake/ball

A holiday favorite, this recipe is asked for every fall. It’s simple to make ahead and refrigerate as either a pie in a graham cracker crust or as a dessert cheeseball you can serve with graham crackers or gingersnaps. 

The original recipe was created as a mix that is great for giving as a gift. That version calls for powdered pumpkin, which can be found in a web search or on Amazon.  No need to stress over finding it though! I’ve provided an alternate version using canned pumpkin as well! 


Jar the dry ingredients and gift it with a hand written recipe card (or print the one above). 
Make it a special hostess gift and deliver it in a basket or bag with the additional ingredients required.